Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Funny T-Shirt's

Dentist Humor
This would be a great gift for anyone you know who is in the dentist field or even
 anyone who likes chocolate.  I love how the little teeth have facial features.

Buddha Humor
Ever notice Buddha always looks so happy, I bet he at the candy bar above! 

Girl Humor
All little girls are princess, this shirt certifies it.  All younger girls will love this shirt,
try changing the colors to make it more suitable such as a pink shirt with purple writing!

Muscle Humor
How funny is this, perfect for anyone who
loves working out or has big guns.  

Chick Magnet Humor
That little chick is so cute, I love how guys want to
wear shirts with little baby chicks on them.

Girl Humor
This is a classic saying so it's only fitting they put it onto a t-shirt.
 If you have trouble with people staring at you get this shirt asap!

Youth Humor
Who doesn't laugh at this picture, cute little kid with chest hair.

Fitness Humor
So true, round is a shape. 
Good life lesson shirt, always think positive!
Cartoon Humor
This just makes me laugh, its so bright and big. 
Great shirt for lounging around or working out to add some humor to anything.
Work Humor
Attn all guys that hate wearing ties, this is the perfect alternative.  Not sure if it
would be acceptable at work but I can garantee you'll get a few laughs.


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