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Do you want to raise money for your School, Organization, Club, Business, Team or Yourself? At iTownstore we provide you with all the essentials to earn revenue from the sale of products placed in your store. Select from a wide variety of apparel and accessory items to be sold in your store. Below are 5 easy steps to create your store today and start earning revenue tomorrow.


1- Create an Account

Click here to go create an account -

100% Free- we won't ask for your credit card.


2- Create Store

After you create an account choose the link that says "Create New Store".


3- Customize

Once your store is approved we can customize it for you with a banner and description as seen below;

*Click image for a live store view.


4- Add Products - Select from hundreds of items to sell in your store.

*Click the images to view catalogs.


5- Choose your markup

Our state of the art system allows you to be in control of your markups. You can select to mark your whole store up by a percentage (5% - 100%) or individually mark up items by a set amount ($5.00 - $100.00).


6- Add Artwork

Provide us with your logo, team phrase, company name or custom artwork you've created.

We'll format and upload them into your store so your customers can add them to any products they want.



7- Promote your store

Hand out or place flyers around town, tell all your friends/family members, set up displays in your store and much more.

We are here to help you promote your store so feel free to reach out to us for ideas or suggestions. 203-202-2930/


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